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Persistence Pays Off with a Big New Mexico Buck

When the hunting is tough, some hunters call it quits, but Casey Lavere shows persistence and is rewarded with a big New Mexico buck.

On this DIY public land New Mexico hunt, Casey had found the deer, but couldn’t seem to find the quality of buck he was looking for. After several days of fruitless searching and hundreds of deer sightings, his patience and persistence were finally rewarded.

Watch the video to see what it took to take down this giant New Mexico buck.

Lavere’s New Mexico mule deer hunt provides a lesson in how to be a successful hunter — KEEP HUNTING!

When conditions are less than ideal or animals seem to have left the area, it’s easy to head home or back to camp and mope about the poor hunting. The difference between average hunters and those that are consistently successful even when conditions aren’t perfect is often persistence.

Keeping a positive attitude and hunting hard even when things aren’t going your way will keep you in the game on a tough hunt. Remember, it only takes a minute to fill your tag. You just never know which minute it will be.

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Persistence Pays Off with a Big New Mexico Buck