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Persistence is Key When Hunting Blesbok

Persistence Is Key When Hunting Blesbok

Though they are a relatively plentiful species of antelope, hunting blesbok still requires a high level of physical fitness, good marksmanship skills, and above all, persistence.

Don't be fooled: hunting blesbok can be a challenging endeavor. They aren't a rare antelope by any means and it is not uncommon to see hundreds of blesbok during a single day of hunting. So what makes them so difficult to hunt?

Just like with black wildebeest, they have very sharp eyesight, which, combined with the fact that they primarily inhabit open grasslands that offer very little concealment, makes them difficult to approach closely. Finding a nice blesbok isn't difficult, but getting within ethical rifle range (and no, 1,250 yards isn't ethical rifle range) is much harder and requires good marksmanship, a high level of physical fitness, persistence, and a little bit of luck.

Watch the video to see what hunting blesbok in South Africa is like.

See what I mean? You move 100 meters closer, the blesbok move 100 meters (or more) away. Sometimes that course of events can play out over a couple of miles.

These hunters were fortunate to encounter a slight ridge, which they used to screen their movements from the eagle eyes of the blesbok herd and approach to within 100 meters of the animals without being spotted. Then, the hunter quickly took a shot on the blesbok before it fully realized what was going on and could run off.

Keep this in mind if you ever get an opportunity to go blesbok hunting.

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Persistence is Key When Hunting Blesbok