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Perfect Zebra Shot Placement [VIDEO]

perfect zebra shot placement

Watch this hunter demonstrate absolutely perfect zebra shot placement while on a hunt in South Africa. No animal will run far after a shot like that one.

Though they are not usually thought of as extremely large animals, with big males weighing upwards of 800 pounds on the hoof, zebra are deceptively large and quite tough. They aren’t bulletproof, but a poorly hit zebra can run a long way and hunters going after zebra should place their shots with care.

The hunter in this video demonstrates excellent zebra shot placement and hits this stallion squarely on the shoulder. As you can see, the zebra is obviously hit very hard and barely stays on its feet.

If you watch very carefully, you can see the bullet impact in the triangle of stripes on the zebra’s right shoulder. It passed through the shoulder and destroyed the heart and one lung.

Even though the zebra managed to run away, it made it less than 100 yards before expiring. Realistically, you can’t ask for much better zebra shot placement than that.

The hunter was using a rifle chambered in .375 H&H and the hunt took place in South Africa, which has some of the best hunting for plains and dangerous game (not to mention birds) in all of Africa.

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Perfect Zebra Shot Placement [VIDEO]