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The Perfect Youth Deer Rifle

Micah Sargent

Why the Remington Model Seven is the perfect rifle for a little hunter.

In 1996, I was a 12-year-old wannabe deer slayer. I weighed 80 pounds soaking wet and stood less than five feet tall, but I had a pair of oversized camo coveralls, a blaze orange vest and hat, and a burning desire to get out in the deer woods. All I needed was a rifle.

I had done some research and decided on a .243. When my mom finally took me to the gun shop, I picked out a heavy barreled varmint rifle that probably weighed 12 pounds. Luckily, my mother had enlisted the help of an experienced hunter who pointed me in the right direction, and I ended up with a Remington Model Seven in .243-the perfect youth deer gun. Here are some of the reasons I like this gun so much.model

It’s Light

A young hunter’s enthusiasm can dwindle quickly if they get tired. The Model Seven is about as light as deer rifle can be. Equipped with a leather sling and a 3 x 9 x 40 mm scope it weighs about seven and a half pounds. It is a dream to carry, even on hunts that veer off the beaten path.

in-remscopeIt’s Small

When it comes to selecting a youth deer rifle, size matters. With a 13″ length of pull and a total length of 39″, the Model Seven is easy for small shooters to handle. Young hunters often miss opportunities at deer because they can’t find the animal in the scope. A smaller rifle helps them get on target faster.

It’s Tough

The synthetic stock on the Model Seven is not beautiful. It lacks the fine grain and intricate checkering of prettier stocks, but it is tough. Young hunters have a tendency to be hard on rifles (and everything else), and a synthetic stock is virtually indestructible. Synthetic stocks are also more stable than wood. During preseason sight-in trips to the range, the Model Seven rarely needs adjustment.

Mild Recoil

The .243 is the perfect marriage of mild recoil and knockdown power for deer-sized game. Lighter recoil means less flinching and better shooting. A well-placed 100 grain bullet from a .243 will kill a deer just as dead as any booming magnum, and young shooters can shoot the round without fear of broken shoulders or scope eye.

Some things (like whiskey, hunting stories, and treasured firearms) get better with age. For nearly two decades, my youth deer rifle has accompanied me to the woods and fields of Pennsylvania. Sure, I’ve acquired some other favorites, but the Model Seven always gets a few hunts in each season and over the years it has helped me harvest countless deer, including my first deer and one of my biggest bucks.

If you are in the market for a youth deer rifle. I strongly recommend checking out a Model Seven of your own. You’ll be happy you did when you are taking grip and grin photos of your young hunting partner and their trophy.

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What is your favorite youth deer rifle? Leave a comment below.

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The Perfect Youth Deer Rifle