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The Perfect Rugged Camper Trailer: Conquer Australia’s UEV 440 [VIDEO]

Called the Swiss Army Knife of camper trailers, the UEV 440 does more in a small package than you might imagine.

Conquer Australia is making a name for itself with small, tough, ingeniously designed camper trailers. The company is located in a land that is perfect for putting its campers through the harshest of tests: the Australian outback. The foundational skeleton of the UEV 440 is strong yet flexible.

Their UEV 440 is one of the campers in their line. UEV stands for Urban Escape Vehicle, and after viewing the video I think you’ll agree that it’s a very appropriate description. I am amazed at how many features and how much stuff this small trailer holds.

Obviously Conquer Australia designs trailers to be capable of traversing the most demanding terrain. The 440 is designed to be pulled by an equally tough 4×4 vehicle.

One of the sweet features of its design is that, regardless of the challenges of terrain, the interior components and items you might pack will stay secure, in place and dust-free no matter how dirty and dry the road may be.

But as rugged as the trailer is, Conquer Australia didn’t skimp on comfort. Using a system of pull-outs and pop-ups, there is more than enough room for many of the amenities you might have at home, including wine storage, a stove, flat screen TV and stereo, sleeping areas, interior fans and a heating system, hot water, pantry and kitchenette, and plenty of storage space.

The dimensions of the camper before set up are approximately 14 1/2 feet long x 6 1/4 feet wide x 7 feet high.

The 440 is definitely not a budget camper, with pricing starting at around $62,000. That’s the price of a modest home where I come from, but the UEV 440 practically is a modest home.

The UEV 440 is proof that camping in rugged areas doesn’t have to mean rugged living.

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The Perfect Rugged Camper Trailer: Conquer Australia’s UEV 440 [VIDEO]