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The Perfect Day of Fly Fishing? It’s Called ‘Lights Out’

That perfect day of trout fishing is captured in Montana as these guides talk about their career choice of getting clients on fish.

These guides talk about “lights out” when the all the conditions come together for that perfect day of trout fishing and why they have chosen the wide open spaces of Montana to make their living.

We have all had those days when the stars align and you have a perfect day of trout fishing. While we would like to think almost every outing will bring tight lines we know that those exceptional days are few and far between, which is why it is those rare days that will stand out in memory.

It seems for a select few a cubicle, suit and tie are not their calling. You have to admire how these gentlemen have dedicated themselves to their passion and committed to a life of professional guiding. It is a path many of us dream of taking but a rare few actually do.


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The Perfect Day of Fly Fishing? It’s Called ‘Lights Out’