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This Is What Perfect Cape Buffalo Shot Placement Looks Like

This Is What Perfect Cape Buffalo Shot Placement Looks Like

Ever wanted to see an example of good cape buffalo shot placement? You came to the right place.

The hunter in this video demonstrates excellent shot placement on a Cape Buffalo and hits this big bull squarely in the vitals. If you look closely, you can even catch a glimpse of the bullet as it flies through the air before striking the buffalo on the shoulder.

Watch how the buffalo reacts to the shot by taking a "bunny-hop." That is an indication of a heart shot buffalo. Seeing that will make any professional hunter very happy because even though the buffalo runs off, it's obviously seriously injured.

The photo below shows what that buffalo's heart looked like afterwards. The hunter was shooting 300-grain Winchester solids from a .375 H&H. As you can see, that bullet really did a number on the buffalo's heart. Not surprisingly, that buffalo did not run very far at all after taking a hit like that.

this is what perfect cape buffalo shot placement looks like heart

This is the sort of Cape Buffalo shot placement that all hunters should strive for. Not only does good shot placement result in a relatively quick and ethical kill and minimize suffering for the buffalo, but it also makes the hunt much safer for everyone involved by minimizing the chances of a buffalo charge.

Cape Buffalo are incredibly large and tough animals with a well-deserved reputation for being very dangerous when wounded.

Keep that in mind if you ever get the opportunity to go buffalo hunting.

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This Is What Perfect Cape Buffalo Shot Placement Looks Like