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People Work Together to Rescue Dolphins [VIDEO]

Wildlife officers tackle dolphins in team effort rescue operation.

Recently in Western Australia two adult male dolphins had become trapped in a shallow lake far from where they started. The two dolphins swam upriver about 45 miles from their entry via the Peel Inlet in the Southwestern tip of Australia, before becoming disoriented and unable to find their way out.

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Residents witnessed the dolphins in the lake for three days before realizing that the marine mammals were in distress. Concerned citizens contacted the Department of Parks and Wildlife to come rescue the dolphins. At least 10 people joined the effort, including members of a local canoe club. Wildlife officers tackled the dolphins in the shallow water and enlisted the help of the locals to carry the animals to shore in large slings.

The video shows one of the officers diving onto one of the dolphins in an attempt to secure it. The big critter does not seem pleased with the well-meaning attack and thrashes wildly before being secured by the officers and volunteers.


The dolphins, which were estimated to be around eight feet long and over 600 pounds in weight, were placed in the back of a pick-up truck and driven back to the inlet to be released.

Locals say that they've seen no sign of the dolphins since their rescue, and are calling the effort a success.

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People Work Together to Rescue Dolphins [VIDEO]