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This is Why People Ice Fish in Wisconsin [VIDEO]

There’s nothing like Wisconsin ice fishing with its huge lakes, beautiful scenery, and of course lots of hungry fish. 

The men in this video take to the frozen water for a great Wisconsin ice fishing trip, using jigs.

Watch as this crew of friends catches loads of panfish and pikes in this Wisconsin ice fishing video.


You could tell from the laughing and jokes that these guys had a great day doing some Wisconsin ice fishing.

These men had a few tip ups and overall it was a successful day, the fish just didn’t seem to be as big as they’d hoped, but they still had fun. After catching a panfish and then numerous pikes, these men had a great day Wisconsin ice fishing regardless of the size of the fish.

What one should take away from this video is; no matter how small the fish you caught, you can always make it bigger when you’re telling the story.


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This is Why People Ice Fish in Wisconsin [VIDEO]