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These People Get Crazy Excited as Giant Humpback Whale Bubble-Net Feeds at Dock

A massive humpback whale engages in a showy bubble-net feeding routine literally right at a dock, to the amazement and awe of a group of friends. 

When humpback whales bubble-net feed it is quite an amazing sight. Upon creating a ring or “net” of bubbles around a school of baitfish or shrimp-like krill, the whales will come up through the center of the net, mouths agape, and capture massive amounts of their prey in one giant gulp.

It’s wonderfully theatrical and impressive. Whale watchers go out in boats hoping to see whales surfacing, but should they be fortunate enough to catch an incident of bubble-net feeding they can count themselves very lucky indeed.

Imagine standing on a dock and seeing the performance right in front of you. Exciting would barely be an adequate description, as the reaction from this group of friends in Alaska readily prove when a gigantic humpback bubble-net feeds practically under their feet.

The guy who was holding the camera did a remarkable job in keeping the camera trained on the whale’s trail of bubbles. He was beside himself with excitement, especially as the bubble ring formed. The tension grew as they waited for the humpback to explode to the surface with its mouth open.

It was like waiting for a massive, living Jack-in-the-box to break out.

This is one of the coolest wildlife videos I’ve seen in a while. The enthusiastic reaction from the folks on the dock makes it even better.

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These People Get Crazy Excited as Giant Humpback Whale Bubble-Net Feeds at Dock