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More People Died from Toasters than Shark Attacks in 2014

The Scottish Sun

That’s right. America’s favorite “bread browner” killed more people last year than did sharks.

According to “The Shark Trackers”, you’ve got a better chance of dying from heating up your waffle than you do of being killed by a shark. In 2014, over 400 people were killed by malfunctioning or improperly working toasters as compared to less than a dozed by shark attacks.

In their video, “Catching up with Great Whites”, the crew of the OCEARCH gives you an inside look at this misunderstood ocean predator.  The next time you decide to set foot in the ocean, remember that your kitchen is more dangerous than what’s lurking in the deep blue.

Measuring more than 25 feet in length and tipping the scales at 2.7 tons, the Great White is arguably one of the scariest and most feared creatures in the ocean. Given the part of a villian in movies like Jaws, most people have a deep seeded fear of toothy giants swimming close to shore.

The OCEARCH, a research vessel that travels the world, tagging sharks with GPS trackers, is out to set the record straight about sharks and their role in ecosystems. Their goal is to better understand sharks’ lives in order to ensure their future survival. Their hope is to shed light on the mysterious lives of these creatures, and hopefully ease fears of those who simply don’t understand this important ocean predator.

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More People Died from Toasters than Shark Attacks in 2014