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Pennsylvania Woman’s First Catfish Ever Hit Her In the Face…From the Sky

A Philadelphia woman was walking to her fitness class when a rogue catfish dropped on her like a bomb.

Somebody once sat in a room and asked themselves something like “What if we made a movie about a tornado full of sharks?” Well, there was no tornado in Philadelphia on Labor Day 2016, but don’t tell that to Lisa Lobree.

Lobree was quoted as saying, “Suddenly I was slammed by something. I was like, ‘What?!’ I was freaking out.” Lobree was simply trying to get to her fitness class across Fairmount Park when a fish, a five-pound catfish to be precise, bounced off her face.

Can you say “shocked?”

Facebook/Cameron Abrams

While people nearby saw what was described as an eagle or a hawk flying away, the explanation of the dropped fish didn’t ease the pain at first. “It definitely hurt me and I didn’t know what happened,” Lobree said.

To add to the issue Lobree developed a fever and swelling. Upon calling her doctor’s answering service she realized that she had to explain what had happened. Well you can imagine that process: “I told them a fish fell out of the sky. She asked if it was from an airplane,” Lobree said.

“People are still asking me about the cut on my face,” said the Fairmount woman. “They say, ‘What happened to you?’ And it’s like, ‘Here we go again.’ “

Even though she is getting over her first catfish-in-the-face experience Lobree noted, “It could have been so much worse. What if it hit a child?”


In any event thanks to Ms. Lobree for being such a good sport by sharing her painful, head-shaking, and true story with us of the fish that came from the sky… and hit her in the face!


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Pennsylvania Woman’s First Catfish Ever Hit Her In the Face…From the Sky