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Pennsylvania Sunday Hunting Ban Lawsuit Dismissed

The latest attempt at squashing the Pennsylvania Sunday hunting ban has been lost.

The Pennsylvania Sunday hunting ban will continue after a judge dismissed a lawsuit Wednesday, according to WTAE in Pittsburgh.

The lawsuit was brought forth by the Lancaster County-based Hunters United for Sunday Hunting, which claimed the Pennsylvania Game Commission was infringing on their constitutional rights.

Read More on the Subject

Read More on the Subject

A Take on Sunday Hunting Bans

U.S. District Judge Yvette Kane said she could not find proof that the law “unfairly discriminated between classes of hunters or that the ban on Sunday hunting violates their religious freedoms,” as reported in the WTAE article.

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During the trial, the game commission argued that hunting is not a constitutional right and, with the judge’s recent decision, will continue enforcing the decades-old law.

Sunday hunting is allowed in certain circumstances in Pennsylvania, as coyotes, crows, feral hogs, and foxes are all fair game on that day of the week. Hunting on noncommercial private property on Sundays is also permitted in the state.

What’s your opinion on Sunday hunting bans? Leave your thoughts below.

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Pennsylvania Sunday Hunting Ban Lawsuit Dismissed