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Pennsylvania Rifle Season Aids Wildlife Development Research

Flickr/Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Pennsylvania wildlife officials prepare to examine 25,000 deer during upcoming rifle season.

While over 750,000 Pennsylvania hunters prepare for the upcoming two week rifle season, the Pennsylvania Game Commission prepares to examine an estimated 25,000 deer by the season's end.

The two week season is a pretty big deal with a number of schools closing and many people using their vacation time at work to trek into the woods hoping to prosper during this short season.

Mark Malloy, owner of Potteiger Meats, told ABC 27 that they had already taken in about 50 deer and expect to process upwards of 1,500 by the end of the season. However, the PA Game Commission will be in attendance this season to collect data and samples, aging deer and looking into their development and disease rates.

Malloy's son, Hunter, is already finding his luck in the woods. "We just climbed up the tree and we were sitting there," Hunter says, "There were some deer as soon as we got there. And the same group of deer was just circling around, again and again, picking up more deer as they wen by. Then they went away. Then the buck came out."

A spokesperson of the Pennsylvania Game Commission says, "It's essential to our development of an estimate for the number of deer that are harvested each year per wildlife management unit and statewide. Then through that harvest estimate we're able to build a population estimate which serves as the basis of our allocation of anterless licenses the next year."

Needless to say, the Pennsylvania Game Commission has their hands full for the next several weeks, especially if hunters hit the same streak of luck as Hunter Malloy.

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Pennsylvania Rifle Season Aids Wildlife Development Research