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Pennsylvania Lawmaker Pushes for Legalization of Airbow Hunting

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A Pennsylvania lawmaker wants hunters to be able to go airbow hunting in the near future.

The new Benjamin Pioneer Airbow made quite a splash in the hunting industry upon its release. Some folks love it, some despise it. Now, though, a Pennsylvania lawmaker wants hunters to be able to legally go airbow hunting.

According to the Wild Outdoors blog, State Representative Marc Gergely has created a proposal to legalize the use of the airbow for deer hunting in the state. The new weapon is currently not legal in the state because it's considered an air gun, which are currently not legal deer-hunting weapons.

"I think it's a neat new tool. It's obviously very efficient. It's absolutely lethal out to 50 yards, easily," Gergely said.

Although called an airbow, Gergely doesn't expect the weapon to be legal during archery seasons. Rather, he sees its uses during the regular firearms season, and possibly during the October muzzleloader season.

"I think of it almost as a muzzleloader, in that it's a primitive weapon in a sense."

There is already a bill on awaiting hearing in the Senate that would allow the use of air guns in various hunting seasons. It's hard to see if this already-existing bill would legalize the use of the airbow.

Gergely is hopeful, and he plans to set up a meeting between the airbow's manufacturer and lawmakers to demonstrate the weapon and how it's used.

"Given the increasing popularity of airbows and their effectiveness, this bill will place Pennsylvania at the forefront in actualizing its potential for expanding hunting opportunities and for promoting needed growth in the sport," Gergely wrote in his memo to gain sponsors for the proposal.


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Pennsylvania Lawmaker Pushes for Legalization of Airbow Hunting