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Pennsylvania Game Commission Trying to Trap Sickly-Looking Bear

CBS Pittsburgh

Sick-looking bear is suffering from mange.

Residents in Kittanning, Pennsylvania have spotted a scary-looking bear, and now the state’s game commission is working to live trap the animal.

The bear looks especially sickly because it appears to be suffering from mange. The parasite is causing the bruin to lose large amounts of hair. As if it wasn’t enough that this bear looks like something out of a horror movie, it is also getting dangerously close to people in one neighborhood.

“I opened the door and shooed it away, and it ran the first time, but the second time, it was looking at me down by the shed and it couldn’t care less that I was there really,” Rick Kulbacki, a Kittaning resident who spotted the bear, told CBS Pittsburgh.

In fact, the bear has been in Kulbacki’s backyard on three separate occasions. Because the bear is showing seemingly no fear of humans, and because of the contagious nature of manage, wildlife officials are now attempting to trap the bear.

“It’s contagious not only to other bears, but to people too,” Pennsylvania Game Commission Officer Rodney Burns told the station.

If Burns is able to successfully live trap the strange-looking animal, there is a possibility it could be treated and released. It will depend on how bad the mange is. The news station reports if it has lost too much hair, they will have no choice but to euthanize it.


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Pennsylvania Game Commission Trying to Trap Sickly-Looking Bear