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Pennsylvania Game Commission Leading Hunters to Deer

Pennsylvania Game Commission

Anyone hunting in the Keystone State this year will be able to get a little extra help from the Pennsylvania Game Commission about exactly where they can find deer.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is trying something a little different this year to help make their deer management program a little more effective; they are leading hunters to the deer.

In a complete turn from some of their previous attempts at deer management which included building fences to keep deer in and out of certain habitat areas, the Pennsylvania Game Commission is now simply build up what they are calling “Deer Hunter Focus Areas” which will have an actively managed habitat and likely a large number of deer.

David Gustafson, the chief forester for the game commission said that the goal of this project is to help get the hunters “where the deer are going to be.” Who agrees with board chairman and southwest regional director of the Unified Sportsmen of Pennsylvania Randy Santucci that people are tired of unsuccessful hunts. “If you go take your gun for a walk year after year, it’s no fun anymore.”

Gustafson is also pleased with the program because of the cost-saving benefits, pointing out that the only cost of this program is that of putting up a few signs as opposed to all the fences of past years.

But Pennsylvania hunters may not be convinced that this program is all it’s cracked up to be. In an online poll, more than 60 percent of readers were against the idea of the focus areas. It seems that as a whole, hunters are dissatisfied with the game commission’s handling of deer management and feel that this is just another temporary fix.

What do you think? Is this something that is good for hunting in the state of Pennsylvania or will it just lead to more problems down the road?

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Pennsylvania Game Commission Leading Hunters to Deer