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Pennsylvania Deer Befriends Cat, Visits Every Morning [PICS]

Just in case you needed a little bit of ‘awww’ to start your week.

5 - 89omk6nImages via: Imgur

Mother Nature is always surprising us with uncommon relationships. This time, it’s between a friendly deer in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and a cuddly feline. According to a post on Reddit, the deer comes by daily to visit with its new buddy, and the two have a great time with one another playing and prancing around the yard.

Check out the slideshow to see more.


“Hello, friend.”

Let’s Play!

“Time to wrestle!”

Like Brother and Sister

Even when they get on each others’ nerves they’re still buds.

Silly Cats, Always Climbing Things

“Look ma, a jungle gym!”

Best Friends

More Unlikely Friendships

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Pennsylvania Deer Befriends Cat, Visits Every Morning [PICS]