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Pennsylvania Bear Hunter Needs U-Haul to Get His Record Bear Home

Pennsylvania bear

This Pennsylvania bear is a monster! 

When you need a U-Haul to get your bear home, you know you got a big one. As a matter of fact, Grant Ruhl just so happens to have shot the third biggest Pennsylvania bear this season. The story of how this giant bear was taken just might be as impressive as the actual bear itself. 

On November 21, Ruhl was hunting with his father just after a big snowstorm went through the area. They entered the woods at 7:00am and quickly found some bear tracks. Immediately, they could tell the tracks were big, but just how big was anyone’s guess. They also quickly lost the trail due to the still-falling snow. With that in mind, the duo decided to split up and increase their odds of finding it.

Pennsylvania bear

“My dad went one way and I went the other, and I just happened to be the one who went the right direction,” Ruhl said in an interview

An hour later, Ruhl walked up on the bear to within five yards. He didn’t see it due to the weather, and the bear didn’t hear him for the same reason. Quickly, Ruhl backed up a few steps and fired a single round from his .300 Weatherby. After some tracking and a few hours later, Ruhl found his bear. Again, to his surprise, it weighed 662 pounds!

After several hunters and Ruhl were able to get the bear to his SUV, they quickly discovered the weight of the bear was too much for his vehicle to handle. One phone call later and a U-Haul was on the scene to get his huge Pennsylvania bear home.

Awesome job, Grant! What a bear!


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Pennsylvania Bear Hunter Needs U-Haul to Get His Record Bear Home