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Hearing-Impaired Pennsylvania Bear Hunter Lost in Woods Found Safely

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services Northeast Region

Emergency services responded after a Pennsylvania bear hunter became lost in the woods.

Michael Wishard, 38, went bear hunting around 6:00 am on Saturday, Nov. 21 in the Wharton Township area of Pennsylvania.

After spending the day in the woods, Michael's parents received a text from their son saying, "Mom, I'm lost." Michael's parents originally thought this to be a joke until a second text came saying, "No. I'm lost." Michael is hearing-impaired and as such, he communicates primarily via text.

Michael told his parents that he was fine, but that he was disoriented and unable to get out of the woods. Harry Wishard, Michael's father, promptly called Pennsylvania State Police. Help came in the form of EMS, helicopter, fire department, and local residents.

Michael helped guide the rescue search by firing his rifle to alert the crews to his whereabouts. A fireman heard Michael's second round and realized just how deep in the woods he was.

Michael's father told CBS Pittsburgh, "He shined the light up on the helicopter, they shined it down on him, and that's how they got him out of the woods."

Once found, Michael was extremely tired and dehydrated. He was taken to Uniontown Hospital by EMS to be checked out.

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Hearing-Impaired Pennsylvania Bear Hunter Lost in Woods Found Safely