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Pennsylvania Bear Hunter Accidentally Shoots, Kills Pet Pot-Bellied Pig

This Pennsylvania bear hunter gives all hunters a bad name. 

We all weren’t there. None of us saw it happen. None of us know the conditions in which this Pennsylvania bear hunter lined up his gun and shot a pot-bellied pig crossing private property lines. I guess we had to be there to know what happened for ourselves.

Well, that’s all well and good, but coming from one hunter and talking to another, this sort of crap is what gives hunting a bad name.

Here’s the news story that broke out after this incident. What do you think?

Okay. So there’s a couple problems here. What sort of hunter shoots onto private property? Maybe he didn’t know the boundary lines? Maybe he wasn’t from the area and thought he was somewhere else in the woods? I guess we had to be there.

Next, what sort of hunter shoots something that they don’t know exactly what it is? Except for a sasquatch, chupacabra, or goat-man, this sort of thing just fires me up. Again, we probably had to be there.


Finally, he shot it in the back. Again, what is going on here? So just to be clear, he was hunting onto private property, saw something he wasn’t sure about, shot it in the back, then found out it was a pig. You guessed it! Had to be there.

Alright, however, in this Pennsylvania bear hunter’s defense, the above picture could be mistaken as a bear in low-light conditions and in heavy cover. I will grant him that, but that’s not a free pass. Pot-bellied pigs can grow up to 300 pounds. We don’t know how big this pig was, but it could have been comparable to the size of a bear. I’m no animal expert though.

At least he had the courage to come tell the pig’s owner about it. For that, he got it right.


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Pennsylvania Bear Hunter Accidentally Shoots, Kills Pet Pot-Bellied Pig