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Pennsylvania Allows Pocono Bowhunting Despite Manhunt

Image via Ironman

Bowhunting season in the Pocono Mountains will open Saturday despite an ongoing manhunt.

The Pocono Mountains, a prime area for big game and deer bowhunting, is due to open up for hunting season beginning Saturday, October 4th. Yet, according to Reuters, the police are still searching these woods for Matthew Eric Frein, who "assassinated" Corporeal Bryon Dickson and seriously wounded Trooper Alex T. Douglass from his "sniper's lair" on September 12th.

Police have spotted the suspect once in the woods but Frein, being a self-proclaimed "survivalist," is still at large.

Handout of Matthew Eric Frein, 31, of Canadensis, Pennsylvania
Image via Reuters

Game commission officials are allowing bowhunters access to the Pocono Mountains for the fall season, from October 4 to November 15.

William Williams, a spokesman for the commission's Northeast regional office, told Reuters that archery hunters should wear fluorescent vests and orange hats instead of camouflage so police can easily identify them, especially important considering Frein has been spotted dressed as an Eastern European soldier.

The woods are still surrounded with armored cars, police with assault weapons and helicopters, so hunters are being advised to proceed with extreme caution.

Questions have been raised if allowing hunters in this area will aid or be dangerously detrimental to the search for Freid.

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Do you think hunting should be allowed while the police are active in this area?


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Pennsylvania Allows Pocono Bowhunting Despite Manhunt