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Pennsylvania Adds Third CWD Management Zone

Attention Pennsylvania hunters: state wildlife officials have added another CWD management zone.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has added a third deer management area (DMA) in response to chronic wasting disease spreading in the state.

Jefferson County is the latest region to be affected by CWD – the  fatal malady that affects the central nervous system of deer and elk. reports the DMA covers 350 square miles in Jefferson County and a small section of Indiana County.

In April, the state Department of Agriculture announced that they had discovered CWD on a deer farm in Jefferson County. Since then, they have placed the deer farm and the farm where the infected deer was born under quarantine.

In Pennsylvania, the Department of Agriculture manages domestic deer farms, while the state Game Commission manages free-ranging deer.

So far, CWD hasn’t been detected in any free-ranging deer within the quarantine zone, but preventative measures are in place to prevent the disease from spreading outward.

Hunters are not allowed to take deer parts that have a high-risk of infection, such as the brain, spinal cord and tonsils, out of the DMA. Also, deer killed in vehicular accidents cannot be taken outside the DMA.

Deer harvested within the DMA can be processed, so long as the carcass still has the backbone attached. And antlers on a skull plate can be mounted, so long as all the brains is removed from the skull.

There are two other DMAs in Pennsylvania. DMA 1 covers 600 square miles in York and Adams counties. DMA 2 is the largest in the state, covering 1,600 square miles in Bedford, Blair, Huntingdon, Cambria and Fulton counties. 



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Pennsylvania Adds Third CWD Management Zone