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The Pending Louisiana State Record Tarpon is Massive! [PICS]

All images via The Advocate

This pending Louisiana state record tarpon is absolutely a fish of a lifetime. 

David Prevost caught what is being considered the largest tarpon ever landed in Louisiana waters. All the numbers have been sent to the IGFA; if accepted, this pending state record tarpon will easily take the top spot.

"We had 15 strikes during the day, and we caught eight," Prevost said, adding that when he hooked up with his one-in-a-lifetime fish, they actually had two other tarpon at the same time.

"A shark broke one of the tarpon off -- the shark cut the line -- and the one I had on was a big fish. I really didn't know how big he was until he rolled about three or four feet underwater near the boat."

According to the story, a lot of commotion erupted in the boat. It was at that moment, Prevost and his fishing buddy, Jeff DeBlieux, realized the size of the tarpon.

"That's when I told Jeff to get a tape measure, and a snap gaff in his mouth," Prevost said.

"When we measured a 46-inch girth, that's when I said we can put this one in the boat and run to the scale."

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 09.12.51

At the scales, the pending state record Louisiana tarpon weighed in at 246.6 pounds, crushing the standing Louisiana record by 16 pounds.

What an incredible fish!

All images via The Advocate

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The Pending Louisiana State Record Tarpon is Massive! [PICS]