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Trek Through Time with the Classic Remington 1100 [VIDEO]

YouTube/Sporting Clays USA

They say that you should always listen to your elders. It just so happens that this elder is one of the most popular names in the autoloading shotgun industry, the Remington 1100.

In the world of autoloading shotguns, the Remington 1100 is an outright authoritative figure. First manufactured in 1963, the 1100 soon paved the way for gas operated semi-automatic shotguns and quickly became the most popular choice among hunters and sporting clays shooters alike.

After more than 50 years since its initial debut, the 1100 still holds its own against the competition and has no problem showing why its simplistic design has worked decade after decade.

Regardless of whether you're a upland bird hunter, trap shooter or 3-gun competitor, it's always great to see where and how something still in production today originated.  Here's to another 52 years Remington 1100!

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Trek Through Time with the Classic Remington 1100 [VIDEO]