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Does Peeing on a Deer Scrape Really Work? [VIDEO]

Of all the tips a hunter can share, peeing on a deer scrape might be one of the craziest pieces of advice…ever.

This topic came up recently with a good friend of mine in regards to our deer hunting plan for the year and setting up sanctuary zones on our property. As normal deer hunting conversations go, we both had good ideas and oddball thoughts of many different tactics.

Our discussion turned to talking about where we have been seeing active scrapes and somehow the phrase, “I heard somebody say once that peeing on a deer scrape can really get a buck’s attention,” just sort of came out of my mouth.

That sentence started a debate, back and forth, of all of the pros and cons of the effects of a human peeing on a deer scrape and if it would actually work. Well, let this video by Dan Street be a guide as the basis of this highly debatable topic.

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So, one buck ran away while one buck did his normal thing and didn’t seem phased. The guy still says he got that buck that ran away in the same area a few days later. So peeing on a deer scrape must not have hurt…but did it help?

There sure isn’t a lot of research out there indicating the effects of human pee on deer behavior, but there is a ton of message board talk from various hunting forums and discussions groups all over the place. The consensus seems to be fairly down the middle.

The hunter logic behind peeing on a deer scrape, for those that actively utilize this technique, is fairly simple. Supposedly, all the buck can decipher from human pee is that it is male pee, based on testosterone levels that the buck can smell. Deer apparently aren’t capable of connecting the dots between human scent and human urine, since they didn’t watch the human actually urinate. So when the buck comes by to check a scrape, it smells male urine, which therefore triggers a territorial response.

Brad Smith

The logic against peeing on a deer scrape is fairly simple, as well. I, for example, take every effort I can to eliminate as much human scent before I go to the woods. I cover myself in Bucked Scent Eliminator. I even use it as a mouthwash (it really is that effective), as well as periodically reapplying while I’m in the stand.

So far this year, I have had more deer in bow range without busting me than I ever have had before. So why in the world would I want to dump my own urine all over an active scrape I’m hunting? It goes against everything in hunting deer!

Peeing on a deer scrape seems to be especially effective when used on a mock scrape. Equal success has been reported when peeing on a deer scrape that is no longer active. From hunter reports, bucks really begin to respond, by evidence from game cameras, and most often than not, they are bigger bucks.

So I’m not entirely sure if it works or not. But I don’t know if I’m going to start marking my territory all around my deer stand any time soon.

So where do you stand on this debate? Does peeing on scrape really work?

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Does Peeing on a Deer Scrape Really Work? [VIDEO]