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Pedals the Walking Black Bear is Back in New Jersey

black bear

Is that a black bear or a person in a bear costume?

You just can’t make these things up.

It’s no secret that wild animals make for some of the most entertaining videos. Take Pedals the black bear for example. After being spotted tip-toeing around by several people in a suburban New Jersey town, this black bear is now a local celebrity.

What would you do if you saw Pedals walk right past your mailbox one morning?

As it turns out, Pedals is missing part of his front right leg and has an injured left front paw, which leads people to believe that it’s the main reason why he chooses to walk on his hind legs all day long.

After immense publicity last fall and public outcry to help the bear, the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife refused to offer assistance stating that the bear would be better off in its natural surroundings.

Lawrence Hajna, who is a spokesman for the NJ DEP told that judging from the past the bear would continue to do okay and “we expect him to make it through this winter. The bear has an indomitable spirit.”

black bear, pedals

In an effort to help get Pedals back on his feet, locals have started a GoFundMe page to help transfer the black bear to a wildlife rehab facility in Otisville, NY. The website has already surpassed it’s goal of raising $15,000 for rehab. Currently, the website is showing donations of more than $22,000 in just eight months!



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Pedals the Walking Black Bear is Back in New Jersey