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Pedal Drive Kayaks Made Waves at ICAST

Hobie, Wilderness Systems, and Old Town found a lot of attention with their upcoming pedal drive kayaks at ICAST. 

Kayak fishing has been gaining a lot of popularity as of late. One problem many people often find with kayaks though, is their handling. Luckily, a few major companies launched some pedal drive kayaks that will solve that problem.

If you aren't familiar with pedal drive kayaks, the fisherman simply pedal powers the kayak across the water. This allows for a ton of more stability when still fishing in allowing to help slow down drift. This also allows the fisherman to keep casting as they are fishing. Not a bad idea, right?

As seen at ICAST 2016, here's what Hobie has coming out.

Reverse drive is pretty cool. With this, just go forward or go backward with the flip of a switch. As a matter of fact, this technology is pretty new to the pedal drive kayak industry.

Alright, so there's one company's cutting edge technology. Let's see what Wilderness Systems has to offer.

Yeah, now we're talking. So far it's a toss up from which one I like best. However, here's one more from an old kayak favorite you are familiar with; Old Town.

So which one is the best one? Regardless of which one you think takes the top spot, pedal drive kayaks are only gaining in popularity in the fishing community.



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Pedal Drive Kayaks Made Waves at ICAST