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PDWs Are the Hottest Weapons Out Right Now

Personal Defense Weapons are the newest trend in the short barrel rifle craze.

PDWs are known to be ultra-light and compact versions of their bigger full-sized carbine relatives. They are utilized by contractors and special forces for close quarter confrontations.

The LWRC Ultra Compact IC-PDW chambered in 5.56 NATO is arguably one of the smallest AR15 builds out there. Careful consideration should be noted before thinking about purchasing this rifle. The PDW is definitely going to need a tax stamp from the BATFE. Your also going to need to live in a state in which SBRs (short barrel rifle) are legal.

Let's take a look at what a 5.56 62-grain green tip bullet will do out of the 8.5-inch barrel. Small Arms Defense Journal has concluded that the XM855 version of the .223/5.56 AR15 round will likely exit the barrel at approximately 2400 fps. The muzzle energy will be in the vicinity of 790 foot pounds. Remember that the XM855 was designed to be fired from a 20-inch barrel and would deliver each round at 3300 fps at 1200 foot-pounds of energy.

Essentially you're paying for a larger pistol type weapon with 30-100 round capacity. The PDW is shooting just over 10mm cartridge power but out of an AR15 frame. The PDW is perfect for utilizing within 50-100 yards but considering that the pressure is lacking behind the projectile to get the round to full velocity, you will lose long distance capability.

The IC-PDW comes standard with an 8.5-inch barrel, piston driven gas system, two point collapsible stock, an ambidextrous magazine, bolt release, and selector lever.

There are many options in the SBR market. Unfortunately the amount of citizens that are available to purchase them are limited. NFA laws can be difficult to navigate but with the correct guidance you can enjoy these shorter rifles.


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PDWs Are the Hottest Weapons Out Right Now