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Paul George Goes Fishing, Again [PICS]

Paul George goes fishing after Game 1 loss in playoffs.

From the 'How are my priorities?' department comes this recent photo uploaded to Paul George's Instagram account.

We shared a similar photo last week of George, Evan Turner, and Reggie Jackson doing some weekend angling as the NBA Playoffs approached. At the time, it didn't seem like that big of a deal, but we did question the motivation when the postseason was on the horizon.

Now George is back at it, this time following a Game 1 loss to the Atlanta Hawks. He was joined by professional angler Jacob Wheeler (2012 Forrest Wood Cup Champion) for some crappie fishing on Sunday.

Indiana has been criticized leading into the playoffs for being unprepared and far from the top of their game. Could this add a little more fodder to the discussion?

We still don't want to blame anybody for fishing, and it's been pointed out that George lives so close to the water that he can basically fish from his backyard.

That being said, an identity crisis for the number one-seeded Pacers is taking a toll, and George's teammate Roy Hibbert even called some of his fellow Pacers "selfish dudes."

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Here's a photo from Wheeler's Instagram account:

We don't want to allude to any big problems in the Pacers' locker room, but if they don't get it together they'll be watching the rest of the playoffs from the couch.

Or in George's case, from the dock.


Featured image via Paul George/Instagram

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Paul George Goes Fishing, Again [PICS]