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Patience Pays Off with a Big Bull Elk [VIDEO]

These hunters find themselves in a classic conundrum with a spike under the gun and a big bull bugling behind him.

The shooter in the video is tempted to shoot the spike, but his buddies convince him to keep that itchy finger off the trigger. In the end, it turns out to be a good decision and he harvests a really big bull elk.

The coolest part about this hunt is that it takes place on public ground with an over-the-counter elk tag. Watch the video to see how the hunt plays out.

This hunt shows just how good the hunting can be if you are willing to work for your elk, stay persistent, and remain patient at the moment of truth.

After hiking six miles before daylight, these hunters were met with silence. Another two miles of hiking got them on a herd of elk, including a bugling bull. Finally, a little maneuvering and some cow calling brought this big bull elk in for the shot.

Even with the use of mules, this backcountry pack out looked brutal, but, as the hunter mentions, when he's bragging about his big bull he won't remember the pack out.

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Patience Pays Off with a Big Bull Elk [VIDEO]