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Path of the Pronghorn Gives Them Their Own Overpass [VIDEO]

The Path of the Pronghorn is protected with the addition of a new pronghorn-only overpass.

The migratory Path of the Pronghorn is the first federally designated migration corridor in the United States. Running from Grand Teton National Park, the pronghorns annually make the trip for the winter.

Over the last few years, scientists have been able to observe the path of the pronghorn through this route using GPS trackers. What the scientists discovered is that the pronghorns consistently cross Highway 191 in Wyoming at the same spot each year. This migratory pattern has resulted in numerous highway deaths in the pronghorn population.

In response to this annual tragedy, Wyoming did something unprecedented: the state constructed an overpass for the pronghorns.

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That’s truly awesome to watch.

Are there any dangerous highway spots for big game near you? Leave your comments in the comments section below.

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Path of the Pronghorn Gives Them Their Own Overpass [VIDEO]