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Patagonia Launches Long Root Ale, the Latest Outdoor-Themed Craft Brew

Long Root Ale

Long Root Ale just might be coming to a liquor store near you. 

The newest product hailing from Patagonia, the famous outdoor and fly fishing company, is a beer. Not only is it a beer, it is an environmentally friendly beer that uses a wheat that is a first of its kind amongst brewers.

What makes this beer so different is that it uses Kernza, a perennial wheat that grows back year after year. 

Patagonia’s hoppy new ale is only available through Whole Foods in California, Oregon, and Washington. Just the fact that this famous outdoors brand has it’s own beer should bring in a healthy amount of drinkers. However, the real story behind this new beer is actually in the wheat used in the process.

As mentioned above, Kernza was developed in partnership with the The Land Institute. This highly innovated grain uses half the water as traditional wheat due to the extra long root system. Not only that, it grows back year after year, even after harvesting, and doesn’t require tilling. To make a long story short, Long Root Ale is derived from a plant that is not only better for the environment by preventing soil erosion, it’s eco-friendly.

Perhaps more breweries should have a drink of some Long Root Ale and maybe try to create an recipe of their own using this special grain. I think we all would be better off for it.


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Patagonia Launches Long Root Ale, the Latest Outdoor-Themed Craft Brew