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Pat Cohen is Revolutionizing Fly Tying

Photo by: Zach Goldstein/Bloomberg

Pat Cohen is a genius when it comes to the patterns he is creating at the vise. Take a gander at his work and see for yourself.

As an avid fly tyer I have to tip my hat to Pat Cohen from Super Fly. His creativity and skill with deer hair is truely something to be admired.

There are very few fly tyers that consistently think outside the box while producing flies. We all have our favorite patterns and tend to stick to certain materials instead of constantly thinking about what we can do differently, but not Pat.

“There’s your raw, basic meat-and-potatoes fish-catching flies, there’s artistic flies, and then there’s a blend of those two where they can be artistic and catch fish. That’s where I try to be,” says Cohen.

Check out this wonderfully produced video from Bloomberg’s Made video series featuring Cohen’s unbelievable skills. ”

If you are like me, then you are probably in shock at this guys skills at the tying bench; and rightfully so. He does such a great job at paying close attention to detail as well as choosing the right materials for each fly. You can see the full story and entire video here.

Pat explains, “There are all sorts of theories about eyes on flies, whether it is important or not. To me, it’s a confidence thing. When I open my fly box up and I grab a fly that looks good, with eyes, I get excited. If I’m excited, I’m going to excite those fish because I’m going to fish it confidently, and I’m going to fish it differently. All those little things to me are important.”


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Pat Cohen is Revolutionizing Fly Tying