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'Pass It On': The Best Advice One Outdoorsman Can Give Another

Fatherly advice should always be sage, ethical and life-developing. The words of wisdom in 'Pass It On' are just that.

Black Fly Eyes hit the nail on the head with this video. Why do we hunt, fish and explore the outdoors? There are many reasons, but this video brings home the basic truths that should be in the heart of every outdoorsman and the soul of every piece of advice about nature.

You don't have to pull the trigger on every trophy or take home every fish. Just enjoy the process of experiencing what nature has to offer. Great advice and an inspirational video.

The words in this video should be shared with every fledgling outdoorsman as well as those who are already experienced. Sometimes it's just good to have a reminder of why we enjoy the lifestyle that we do.

Most importantly, take a moment to Pass It On and guide a new generation in caring for and appreciating our beautiful world and what it has to offer.


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'Pass It On': The Best Advice One Outdoorsman Can Give Another