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Participate in #ShedRally 2015, the World’s Largest Shed Hunt [VIDEO]

Shed Rally 2015 could be the cheapest and most exciting thing you can do with your family outdoors this spring. 

Since deer shed their antlers in late winter, early spring is a great time to go out and look for them with friends and family.

Not only does this look like a fun-filled day of searching for hidden treasure, but think of all the crafts you can do with your newfound trophy.

Also, there’s nothing like asking yourself “Was that deer on my property!?” Let’s hope the Big One sticks around.


A joined effort between Realtree and Whitetail Properties has built the annual Shed Rally into a driving force in the sportsman community, as well as a way to “extend” a part of hunting season throughout the year.

Hunting for sheds also helps encourage newbies to join in the outdoor experience, without the required gear, time, costs and emotions (sometimes the toughest barrier) involved in actually hunting game.

How will you spend Shed Rally 2015?

Don’t forget to post your shed finds and crafts on your favorite social media forum with #ShedRally.

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Participate in #ShedRally 2015, the World’s Largest Shed Hunt [VIDEO]