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Oregon Park Alleged Vandals Busted by Viral Photo Taken by Hiker

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An outraged hiker at Tumalo Falls Park in Oregon posted Facebook pictures of a family of vandals sparking a nationwide hunt for the offending individuals.

Brett Nelson's picture of three people, a father and his two children he says were defacing state park property, has gone viral. Reports indicate that Nelson approached the three tourists who were carving their names on the hand railing, prompting him to confront them about their actions.

Nelson's friend then snapped a photo of the three. Nelson would later post the photo to his Instagram and Facebook pages with the caption: "PROUD parent letting children carve names in Tumalo falls hand railing."

When Nelson asked the boy on the left of the photo if he was going to carve his name in the railing the boys response was, "Yup." When he asked the father if he knew he was letting his children deface federal public property, the man's daughter answered for him:

Umm, we can do what we or I want.

Nelson's reaction to the father:

Give me your license plate number so I can carve my name in the hood of your car.

The father then stated that it was a rental car and to go ahead; afterward telling him that they were from California. Nelson's reaction was furious:

"You need to go back to California, Oregonians take huge pride in our land in our public land parks and you are not welcome SHAME ON YOU!!!"

The captioning on the picture was as follows- "Taking a picture of the proud Douche-Bag artists and their proud work!!! Please share I hope he finds himself on channel 6 NEWS!"

With over 53,000 shares the photo has gone viral. The number of outraged comments has gone through the roof and put the vandals on the radar of the National Forest Service.

A public affairs specialist with the Deschutes National Forest was quoted as saying, "We take this very seriously. Metal rail or not, this is still considered the property of the United States. Kudos to [Nelson] for bringing this to our attention."

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Oregon Park Alleged Vandals Busted by Viral Photo Taken by Hiker