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Parasitic Mussel Uses Natural Lure [VIDEO]

This species of mussel uses a lure, but its not looking for a bite.

This is a great example of mimicry at work. The brood pooch mimics a small bass and as a result gives this mussel species a serious edge in its reproduction. Check out this strange use of a lure for reproduction.

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The lampsilis mussel has evolved with a brood pooch (a reproduction organ) that looks nearly identical to a bass (it’s the fish-looking bit waving around on the lip of the mussel in this video). The mussel, although blind, uses this natural lure to draw bass close, then releases its young which must attach to gills to feed on the host’s blood. Later the young mussels release themselves and drop to the stream bed where they develop in a manner much like most mussels.

I’m wondering if you can get a bass lure like that at the shop.


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Parasitic Mussel Uses Natural Lure [VIDEO]