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Para USA Will No Longer Supply Guns for Liam Neeson Films

One Popz

Liam Neeson is in trouble again for his anti-gun rants.

Para USA, the company that supplied guns for Liam Neeson’s new movie “Taken 3,” is not happy with Neeson’s anti-gun remarks.

PARA USA’s Facebook page says:

PARA USA regrets its decision to provide firearms for use in the film ‘Taken 3.’ While the film itself is entertaining, comments made by its Irish-born star during press junkets reflect a cultural and factual ignorance that undermines support of the Second Amendment and American liberties. We will no longer provide firearms for use in films starring Liam Neeson and ask that our friends and partners in Hollywood refrain from associating our brand and products with his projects. Further, we encourage our partners and friends in the firearms industry to do the same.

Liam Neeson is quoted stating:

There’s too many f***ing guns out there, especially in America. I think the population is like, 320 million? There’s over 300 million guns. Privately owned, in America. I think it’s a f***ing disgrace. Every week now we’re picking up a newspaper and seeing, yet another few kids have been killed in schools.

Mr. Neeson has started a firestorm with his anti-gun rants that is echoing anger through hunters, shooters, and gun communities across the country.

The Irish-born actor was reportedly paid $20 million for his role in “Taken 3,” joining the most well-paid actors, like Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio, in Hollywood.

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Para USA Will No Longer Supply Guns for Liam Neeson Films