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This Paiute Deadfall Works So Here's How to Cook a Rat

Shawn Woods answers a question from a viewer by dispatching a rat with a Paiute deadfall and then cooking and eating the flea-ridden thing.

In these two videos, Shawn Woods continues his series on the Paiute deadfall by showing just how effective this trap is for catching small to medium sized animals. He catches, on camera, a rat that has been killing his pheasant hatchlings.

First, he patiently answers some inquiries from a few animal-loving viewers of his first video on the Paiute deadfall, asking why he would kill an animal using the trap. What can you say about such comments? It's a question of pest control, of killing a rat versus having that rat kill your pheasant chicks.

He comments on the number of fleas infesting the rat, but all's well that ends well, and one dead rat is a good ending that shows the efficiency of the trap.

To see the first video on how to properly construct a Paiute deadfall, please click here.

In the second video Shawn answers another viewer question about eating what he catches in the traps. In a survival situation this option would come in very handy, and the possibility of being able to consume what a Paiute deadfall catches could be a lifesaver.

So, using the Ishi-style glass bottle knife he crafted earlier, Shawn prepares the rat for cooking. First he quickly scorches the fur to rid the carcass of fleas. Then he guts the animal, saving the heart and testicles for consumption.

He skewers the rat carcass and slow roast it over a campfire, including the heart and testicles. He makes sure to cook the varmint thoroughly, in order to get rid of any possible parasites. Then, once the meat is falling off the bone, he digs in and declares it to be "Not bad at all. Rat meat is good!"

"In a survival situation, knowing how to catch food, even rats, is so important," he says. "And that meat is good! If you were hungry you would really be thankful for that meat."

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This Paiute Deadfall Works So Here's How to Cook a Rat