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Pair of Ontario Ice Anglers Face Wrath of Fierce Storm Head On

This fishing trip went from fun to frightening in the blink of an eye. Watch as two hardy ice anglers brace themselves against an insane Lake Simcoe storm!

An ice fishing trip on February 29 was nothing but ordinary for a pair of Ontario anglers. Fishing the expansive frozen waters of Lake Simcoe, Bojan Zivkovic and a friend were in for a rude awakening - and lucky for us, they captured it all on film.

The speed that this storm hit - and the sheer strength of the wind - made for some extreme whiteout conditions. Being blown clear down the ice, or having a runaway ice hut slam in to you, are definite dangers that a storm this powerful could produce.

Freak and unexpected storms certainly do happen, but I have a feeling this pair of seasoned anglers didn't expect to encounter this!

I have to hand it to these guys, they certainly took the whole experience in stride. Most impressive is how they managed to keep hold of their cell phones!

Although this pair rode out the storm unscathed, this video is a good reminder to always have the appropriate safety gear - including cleats and a GPS - on hand.

Zivkovic summed the outing up perfectly on his Facebook post: "Today's experience on the ice was one I won't forget!
We watched that system approach us very glad we didn't put up a hut!"


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Pair of Ontario Ice Anglers Face Wrath of Fierce Storm Head On