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Pair of Whitetail Bucks Take Their Beef to the Streets

When whitetail bucks are in the mood to fight, it doesn’t really matter what’s around them.

A rutting whitetail buck can be one ornery dude. In a quest for sheer dominanceand the chance to get with as many lucky ladies as possiblehe’ll take on any and all fellow suitors that step in his way. Heck, he’ll even take his beef to the streets if need be.

Here’s some cool video footage, shot in St. Louisville, Ohio, that sums up the life of a battling buck: a violent scrap at the edge of a road in a winner-take-all nighttime grudge match. Let the games begin!

Here’s the video:

The clip was short and sweet, but it highlights the brute power these bucks possess. I would have loved to have seen how it ended. Sadly, one result of fighting can be locked up antlers, which can often lead to death. This video showcases that unfortunate result.

Keep your eyes peeled the next time you drive through the neighborhood. Some bucks just might be looking to settle a score on your very own street.


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Pair of Whitetail Bucks Take Their Beef to the Streets