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Paddle Faster! Crocodile Attacks and Chases Kayakers [VIDEO]

A kayak isn't the best place to be when a crocodile attacks, I think we'd all prefer a safer distance!

Johann Swart captured a scary moment during their kayak trip in South Africa, leaving the whole group a little startled.

There's no crocs this high up... right?

On a recent trip to the flooding Mac Mac River in Mpumalanga, South Africa, a crocodile grabbed Kestell Barnard from behind. Lucky for Kestell the croc bit into his pfd, with Kestell sustaining only one puncture wound to the back. We all had a big fright and a good laugh, even though we approached the bigger pools with caution for the rest of the trip.

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Ultimately, this group of kayakers was able to laugh about the whole situation, but a crocodile attack could easily end up no laughing matter.

It was only once we got off the water that we realized in how much trouble Kestell would have been if the croc had managed to grab his arm in stead of his pfd.

Swart did what he could and tried to use his paddle to deter the crocodile attacking his buddy Kestell, possibly preventing any further danger.

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Paddle Faster! Crocodile Attacks and Chases Kayakers [VIDEO]