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Paddle Board Fishing, the New Wave of Angling

Stand Up Paddle Board Fishing

Stand up paddle board fishing is a revolutionary new way to get out on the water and catch fish.

Stand up paddle boarding is one of the hottest sports of the decade. In fact, the Outdoor Industry Association’s annual report showed that stand up paddle boarding had more first-time participants than any other sport in 2013. However, stand up paddle boarding is not a brand-new sport. The exact inception of the activity is somewhat unclear. Some historians argue that it all started in Australia, while others argue that its roots go far back into Hawaiian culture. Either way, it’s a pretty cool sport.

As stand up paddle boarding began to explode over the last few years, anglers saw an opportunity to create a new-age fishing vessel. And so began the art of stand up paddle board fishing.

The first rigs were somewhat rudimentary; usually just a plastic milk crate that was affixed to the paddle board with a bungee cord. Alhough, it didn’t take long for crafty anglers to produce very creative and ingenious outfits for the paddle boards. Today, you can find stand up paddle boards that look more like an off-shore center console than they do a paddle board. And there is nothing wrong with that, but some anglers still prefer the simplicity of the plastic milk crate.

There are a variety of stand up paddle boards that are available to anglers on the market today. And depending on your use, there are a variety of materials too. Anglers can choose from carbon, fiberglass, wood, or even inflatable boards. The stand up paddle boards are usually larger than a standard surfboard and generally range from 9-14 feet in length.

Stand up paddle board fishing can be done wherever there is water; in lakes, in rivers, and yes—even in the ocean. There are now saltwater fishing competitions that are exclusively for stand up paddle boarders.

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Paddle Board Fishing, the New Wave of Angling