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Packers Linebacker Sam Barrington Aims to Catch 12 Sharks in One Day

Sam Barrington

Green Bay Packers linebacker Sam Barrington is trying his hand at catching sharks. He’s set a goal of catching 12 in one day.

Sam Barrington, linebacker for the Green Bay Packers, is on the BlacktipH boat again, and this time he’s going after shark.

Barrington has fished with Josh Jorgensen from BlacktipH before, once fishing for goliath grouper and once fishing for bonito and bull shark. This time he’s out on the water and says he’s got a goal of catching 12 sharks in a day.

Josh and Captain Ben Chancey take Sam out and soon sandbar sharks begin circling the boat. Then a group of large bull sharks appear and Sam hooks one. He engages in a prolonged fight and hauls in his first big shark of the day.

The sharks also offer some “keep away” fun, as Josh drags a cut up bonito through the water and the giant predators attack it with relish.

During the battle Sam is sweating bullets and he says, “There has to be a mermaid down there helping me.” Haha!

After the first shark comes to the side of the boat and is cleanly released, Sam smiles and says, “You know, Josh kind of set me up, but it’s alright. It was fun. Let’s go. We got eleven more…wink, wink.”

The guys have a little fun with the sharks at boatside, as Capt. Ben grabs a dorsal fin. Josh asks Sam if he wants to try it. “Hell no!” he says.

Then they tie a bonito to a long rope and Sam throws it out as far as he can. The sharks attack the baitfish and a tug of war ensues. “We wasted our time fishing,” laughs Sam.

Well, he didn’t catch his goal of 12 sharks, but it looked like a brilliant day on the water. They sign off talking about the one that got away and Sam’s hope for a playoff berth and maybe even a Superbowl ring for his “lonely” finger.

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Packers Linebacker Sam Barrington Aims to Catch 12 Sharks in One Day