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Pack of Washington Wolves to Be Eliminated Following Cattle Attacks

Wikimedia Commons

A pack of Washington wolves is set to be destroyed after killing and injuring cattle.

Washington State officials have determined that a pack of 11 Washington wolves are responsible for harming cattle. They have already killed multiple wolves, including the breeding female, and are working to rid the area of the rest of the pack members. This is a first for Washington as they usually cull and do not completely remove the packs.

A recent Capital Press article details the plans to remove the Profanity Peak wolf pack that resides in the northeastern part of the state in Ferry County. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife knows of 19 wolf packs in the state, with 15 concentrated in the eastern part of the state.

The WDFW uses helicopters to track down and remove the predatory wolves. Officials had to stop operations after killing just two because of rugged terrain. Wolf policy coordinator Donny Martorello says that removing all of them will be difficult because of where they are located. He also added that they have a responsibility to help protect cattle.

They are a protected species in the state, but they were removed from federal protection. The state’s policy is to have widespread distribution. Cattle ranchers and others have opposed the policy of widespread distribution. This is the latest in the battle of wolves and cattle ranchers in the state. It is unknown exactly how many wolves live in Washington, but the WDFW counted over 90 last year.



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Pack of Washington Wolves to Be Eliminated Following Cattle Attacks