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Pace Brothers Into The Wilderness, Episode 2: The Long Walk Home

Exclusive video: Episode two of Into the Wilderness.

Into the Wilderness is debuting the second episode with some help from Wide Open Spaces. For now, until the episode is officially released, this is the only place you'll see this video.

In episode two of the series we (Byron and Darryl Pace) are back in the Isle of Skye, this time destined to push themselves to our limits in order to provide food for the table. A journey of discovery and self belief in the possible, two brothers embrace the wilds and what it means to exist and provide as a hunter in the modern world.

We become the wilderness.

The start of hind red deer season in the Isle of Skye is a magnificent place, and the particular land we hunted was managed for hunters and meat provision to the local hotel. The particular area we hunted is almost impossible to access with ATV, hence the carry out.

We hunted with a Kimber Montana in .308 Win shooting Winchester ammo

And the answer to likely the biggest question you have? The reason we didn't shoot the hind was to avoid leaving an orphan calf.

Stay up to date with everything we're doing by subscribing to our YouTube Channel, and keep your eyes open for this episode's full web release. We'll share episode three here as well, and let you know as soon as it's available.


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Pace Brothers Into The Wilderness, Episode 2: The Long Walk Home