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Is P-22 a Koala Killer? Probably

A koala was recently killed at the Los Angeles Zoo and a mountain lion named P-22 is believed to be the killer.

P-22 is a radio-collared mountain lion who is believed to live in the Griffith Park (you know, the place with the Hollywood sign)  just outside of Los Angeles. The park's small size and the fact that mountain lions have large home ranges has caused P-22 to show up in some unlikely places across downtown Los Angeles.

This time, that place was the Los Angeles zoo. Watch the video to learn what happened and what zoo officials are doing to reduce the risk of similar incidents in the future.

It looks like P-22 is the guilty party. This incident should serve as a reminder to people living in close proximity to mountain lions that these predators attack and kill other animals. If the Los Angeles Zoo's nine foot fence wasn't a deterrent to the big cat, your backyard privacy fence won't be either.

P-22's koala killing comes just weeks after several mountain lions were spotted in Santa Cruz, California. By protecting large predators like mountain lions, residents earn the privilege of living in close proximity to them, but also bear the responsibility of keeping their children and pets safe.


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Is P-22 a Koala Killer? Probably