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What Are These Owls Watching That’s So Interesting? [VIDEO]

Feeling watched yet? Owls watching you watching them evokes a strong and creepy emotion called wtf.

Trying to guess what’s on the mind of an owl that’s spending its time looking at you is hard enough.

Watching them move their eyes in several directions at once is enough to make you crazy and laugh at the same time.

What do these guys have on their mind that’s so interesting?

Well if we could make them talk, those owls watching us might say something like “What the hell are you looking at?”

Enjoy a little levity and decide for yourself what a good caption would be for some owls that seem to have a strange way of observing things.

Like that look you get when the conservation officer wants to see your license…

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What Are These Owls Watching That’s So Interesting? [VIDEO]