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Owls are Silent Killers, Like Really Silent [VIDEO]

Is there really a silent killer out there?

The owl has an extremely deadly advantage over it’s prey when it comes to hunting, and in this video we get a closer look at how they do it, proving that they really are silent killers.

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Check out the sound, or lack thereof, that an owl makes when hunting.


Not only do owls look cool, but possessing the ability to fly through the night skies not making a sound makes them pretty amazing birds.

Kind of makes you appreciate not being a mouse.

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If you’ve ever been sitting in your treestand during low-light and seen an owl fly by, it can be a very cool experience. You don’t hear a sound, you just see them wisp by, and then they are gone.

Next time you’re in the woods before the break of day, keep your eyes peeled for one of these silent killers and you might get a glimpse of one flying through the trees, because you certainly won’t hear them…

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Owls are Silent Killers, Like Really Silent [VIDEO]